Minecraft Stronghold Finder

Coded by Garrett Bates



  1. Press F3 in-game to bring up coordinate data.
  2. Write down your X and Z coords.
  3. Toss an Eye of Ender. Try and center your crosshairs directly in the center of the Eye. The more accurate you get the crosshairs, the more accurate the stronghold estimation will be. Write the angle down to 3 decimal places.
  4. I recommend you travel at least 300 units at an angle plus or minus 40 degrees relative to the Eye of Ender.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for Position 2's data.
  6. Enter the data into the program.
  7. Click Calculate.
  8. Travel to the given coordinates. Depending on the amount of distance between Position 1 and 2 and how accurate you were able to get the angle data, the stronghold can be directly under your feet or within a 20 unit radius.

Current Version: 03DEC2013

Cleaned up some of the code. Added data validation for position angles.

Click here for patch notes.